We invest in opportunities across different sectors and growth stages.

Navigating the tides of investments require keen foresight and sustainable capital strength. At Antica Capital, we are open to a variety of investment types and at the same time prudent in selection and execution. Our areas of interest are:

Real Estate

Relative stability with sustainable yields

Real estate generally provides stable and sustainable yields while avoiding unnecessary uncertainty. Our focus is on office and retail property in proven and growing cities. With the fourth industrial revolution gaining pace, new demands for evolving spaces for living, work, and play will continue to increase dramatically. We are well-informed on listed real estate, and we have good access to non-listed properties. Moving ahead, we are equipped with capabilities in acquiring, transforming, and managing properties for mid and long term yields.

Venture Capital

Identifying potential for outsized returns

Venture capital are investments made in budding startups and companies with limited performance history. While such investments are usually of higher risk, the potential of outsized returns compounded with fast growth times are compelling factors. We are continually looking to strengthen deal flow in identifying worthy ventures. In addition to capital, we enhance our proposition with consulting and access to markets. To ultimately achieve the goals of bringing companies to their next phase of growth and our successful exit.

Mezzanine Financing

Assisting companies to achieve next-level growth

Mezzanine financing is a hybrid of debt and equity financing. It allows companies to bridge their financial gaps with higher interest rates, lower annual debt service, and the option to use equity shares to fulfill debt obligations. This form of financing is normally offered to companies with a good track record of reputation and profitability.

We are able to provide highly customized solutions for such companies coupled with strong financial capacity in supporting their growth and expansion plans.

While many companies may use growth capital to fund their expansions, mezzanine financing can be a viable alternative.

Special Situations (Distressed Opportunity)

Working with companies on turnaround and transformation

From time to time, companies may require assistance in special situations. These may include times of market dislocation, illiquidity, repricing of assets, deleveraging and regulatory changes or any other scenarios which pose critical challenges for companies. We are able to offer timely funding, along with insight and expertise to help companies navigate restructuring and turnaround. Averting impending downsides and achieving upside potential.

Fund of Funds (FoF)

Creating access to greater investment opportunities

A Fund of Fund (FoF) is an investment vehicle where funds are invested in multiple portfolios. This approach allows investors who are unable to build their own portfolios or to broaden their investment base.

As we build different portfolios, we are able to aggregate them into a holistic opportunity for investors to tap into the potential of our underlying assets. At the same time, achieving higher levels of diversification and decreased exposure to market volatility. This approach offers an added layer of due diligence and protection on top of the research conducted on the underlying investments.

Lastly, through our Fund of Funds, we can provide access to bigger and more reputable funds which may not be easily accessible.

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